Monday, September 17, 2012

Rapunzel's New Dress

Okay, I obviously need to stop promising posts for future dates so that I can stop looking like a flake. :}  This past week was completely crazy!  Beast'sbelle finished up her eBay auctions and has been shipping dolls right and left.  Then, on Friday she randomly decided to switch her daughters' rooms around.  Now the whole house is in utter chaos, and she's spending most of her time trying to find new places for things.  Sigh.  I wish she'd get a little more organized so that our lives wouldn't be in constant upheaval.  But I suppose I can be thankful that I'm not one of the dolls being shipped away somewhere new.  As Rapunzel and Robby like to remind me, it's good to try to see the positive side of things.

Speaking of Rapunzel, my dear friend got a pleasant surprise yesterday.  Beast'sbelle's mom found a lovely Barbie-sized dress at Goodwill that she thought might work for one of us.  Since Rapunzel has the fewest clothing options out of all of us, Beast'sbelle thought she should get the new dress.  

So shortly after Beast'sbelle presented it to her, Rapunzel and I found ourselves on the dressing room shelf (also known as Beast'sbelle's "nightstand"...but I suppose you knew that from a few posts ago). ;)  

"I don't really need a new dress," Rapunzel said hesitantly as she changed out of her everyday dress.  "I'm fine with just my purple one."  She reached over the picture frame we used for a privacy screen and handed me her necklace and wedding bracelet.  

I chuckled as I took them from her.  "Don't let Isabella hear you say that."  I struck an Isabella pose.  "Fashion is everything!" I stated in my best attempt at our friend's French accent.

Rapunzel giggled and shook her head.  "Maybe for her."  She sounded like she was struggling with the dress.

"Are you okay back there?" I asked.

"Yes," she grunted.  "Just...trying to...fasten this...Velcro.  There, I think I have it now."

Slowly, my friend came out from behind the picture frame.  

I gasped in delight.  "Rapunzel, you look beautiful!"

She blushed and lowered her eyes.  "I feel stuffy and itchy."

I took her by the hand.  "Come over to Beast'sbelle's bed where you can move around easier."

She willingly followed me.

"There now," I said once we'd reached it.  "Is that better?"

My friend looked down at herself.  "I suppose," she began.  "It just...doesn't really feel like me."  She glanced down at the bodice and turned beet red.  "It's a little bit...uh...loose up here."

"I'm sure Beast'sbelle or her mom can do something about that," I assured her.  "And it doesn't look bad from over here."

Rapunzel didn't look convinced.  

"I know!" I grinned.  "I'll go get Isabella.  She'd love to see your new dress."

Rapunzel nodded.  "She would, and we'd never hear the end of it if we left her out of the loop."

"I'll be right back," I promised.

"Oh, Rapunzel!  It is lovely!  Such a beautiful dress!" Isabella cried happily as soon as she saw her.

I peeked around at Rapunzel.  "See?  You even have Isabella's approval."

Rapunzel blushed again.  My poor friend wasn't used to being the center of attention.

Isabella got a closer look.  "Yes, just lovely.  Although, we must do something to accessorize that gown.  A necklace, perhaps?  And maybe a tiara."

"A tiara?" Rapunzel repeated in a small voice.

"You wouldn't have to keep it on forever," I assured her.  "But it might be fun to see how it looked."

"I just feel so silly," Rapunzel admitted.  "I'm not nearly as pretty or fancy as you two.  I feel ridiculously overdressed in this."

Isabella looked reprovingly at our blonde friend.  "What is this 'I'm not nearly as pretty' nonsense?  I have never heard such a ridiculous statement.  This, coming from the girl with shining, iridescent strands in her long, golden hair.  

Rapunzel laughed.  "Well, when you put it that way..."

"You look amazing," I assured her.  "Just wait until Eugene sees you!"

"Did I hear my name?" a voice called out from the edge of the bed.  We all turned to see Eugene coming toward us.  "Rapunzel, I..."

Eugene stopped in his tracks when he saw his wife.  "Whoa."

Rapunzel laughed.  "Is that a good 'whoa' or a bad 'whoa'?" she teased.

His eyes flickered with admiration.  "Definitely a good 'whoa'."

Isabella and I moved off to one side, and Eugene took Rapunzel in his arms.  "Babe, you look fantastic!"

Rapunzel blushed again.  "It needs some alteration, but I suppose it's all right overall."

Eugene kissed her lightly on the nose.  "Whatever you say, dear."

Isabella and I watched this exchange with pleasure.  It always made me so happy for my friend to see how much she was treasured.  

"She is very blessed, no?" Isabella whispered.  "As are you."

I nodded in agreement, glancing over just in time to see the look of longing in Isabella's eyes.  I need to remember to ask her how things are going with Ben, I thought to myself.  Or maybe I should go for a less direct tactic and just ask how things are going in general.

At that moment, Beast'sbelle came in and saw Rapunzel in the dress.  She beamed with pleasure and instantly whisked Rapunzel and Eugene away for a photo shoot (surprise, surprise). ;)

Here are some of our favorites that she took:

Halfway through the photo session, Isabella remembered that she had seen a pearl necklace just our size in one of Beastsbelle's drawers, so she grabbed it and took it out to them.  While she was at it, she also found Rapunzel's tiara that came with Eugene.  The tiara was gold and the rest of the dress was in silver tones, but Isabella thought it might still look nice.

And of course, Beast'sbelle had to take a few romantic know how she is! ;)

When the photos were finally over, Beast'sbelle returned Eugene and Rapunzel to the room.  Eugene went to visit with Robby for a bit, while Rapunzel came and joined Isabella and I on the bed.

Since we knew she felt a little funny being so dressed up, we had decided to dress up a bit too.  So the three of us sat in our fluffy, fancy gowns and caught up.  It had been a while since Rapunzel and I had gotten a chance to visit with Isabella, now that she was in a different spot.

"I've been having a great time," she informed us cheerfully.  "The other Belles are quite lovely."  Lovely was Isabella's favorite descriptive word. ;)  

She turned to me.  "They've heard about your blog and really want to meet you.  Maybe I could introduce you this afternoon."

"Oh," I responded, caught off guard.  "Uh, this afternoon isn't the best for me.  In fact, I really should be going soon.  It's almost time for my walk with Robby."  I winced inwardly at my half truth and hoped Rapunzel wouldn't call me on it.  Technically, it was almost time for my walk with Robby.  But it's not like it was set in stone, and my hubby would gladly have delayed our usual date if it meant that I could meet someone new.  I just wasn't quite ready.  "Maybe tomorrow?" I offered weakly.

If Isabella and Rapunzel noticed anything odd about my behavior, they didn't say anything.  

Isabella nodded.  "I'm sure that would be fine."

"I've had a chance to meet the new Rapunzels," Rapunzel offered.  "They all seem really sweet.  Still getting their bearings and all, but I think they'll fit in very well."

I admired my friend.  She'd obviously had no qualms about making new friends.  I wished I could get over my own insecurities as easily.

I was tired of the twinges my conscience was giving me, so I changed the subject.  "So, how are things...otherwise, Isabella?"

She looked at me coyly.  "I'm assuming you mean with Ben?"

I ducked my head.  "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry.  I'm just worried about you."

Isabella looked across the room.  "It is fine.  I do not mind you asking.  But sadly, there is not much to tell.  Ben has no interest in any doll right now.  I think he just wants to be left alone."  She managed a chuckle.  "Of course, that is a bit difficult when he is now sharing a curio top with all of us.  I think a few of the other Belles are smitten as well."

He does have that effect, I thought wryly.

"I must confess that I do still have feelings for him," Isabella admitted wistfully.  Then she set her jaw and lifted her chin stubbornly.  "But I'm not going to waste all of my time pining away for someone that is not interested in me.  How silly would that be?"

This statement didn't hurt as much as you might think, since Isabella was not aware of my entire back story with the doll in question.  The words shamed me a bit, though.  I'd wasted an awful lot of my time "pining for someone" who was oblivious to me feelings.  Still, the experience had taught me a lot and I didn't regret it.  If not for Ben, I might never have realized how much I loved Robby. :)  

Rapunzel reached over and squeezed my hand, probably guessing what was going through my mind.  She turned to our friend.  "I admire your attitude, Isabella.  And I do hope you find someone special someday."

Isabella put on a brave smile.  "Perhaps, perhaps not.  At least I have you two and my love of fashion to keep me occupied for now.  I don't think the two of you could get along without me and my wardrobe advice."  She winked at us, and we laughed.

Rapunzel turned to me.  "Well, shouldn't you be getting back to Robby?  It's about time for your walk."

"Yes!" I said a little too quickly.  I'd already forgotten my previous excuse.  "Thanks for the reminder."

And I would have headed right up, if Beast'sbelle wouldn't have chosen that exact moment to come in the room.  The moment she saw us together in our fancy dresses, the camera was out.  Sigh.  

Oh well.  At least I have a couple of nice pictures with my friends now.  (The last picture makes me laugh, though.  None of us our looking in the same direction!)

When the photo op was finally over, I returned to my husband, who eyed me appreciatively.  

"I haven't seen that dress in a while," he said, taking in every detail with his admiring eyes.

"We're providing emotional support for Rapunzel," I explained, "so she doesn't feel so funny being the only one in a fancy dress."

Robby just looked at me and shook his head.  "And just when I thought I was starting to understand women a little better."

I leaned over and kissed his cheek.  "You might as well give up," I teased him.  "It's a hopeless cause."

"I'm beginning to wonder," he teased back.  He shifted in his seat and picked up his walking stick.  "Hey, weren't we supposed to go on a walk?"

"I'm ready whenever you are," I informed him.  I helped him up, and arm in arm, we started off. 

P.S.  Just had to come back and say THANK YOU FOR 30 FOLLOWERS!! :D  I never dreamed I'd have that many.  You are all so special to me.  Thanks for taking the time to read about my adventures, if you can call them that. ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Post Coming Soon!

Goodness gracious, I've got to get on a better schedule!!  I'm sorry it's been so long since my last entry.  Beast'sbelle has been super busy these past few weeks (I think she still hasn't quite settled into the new school schedule yet), and as you know, that tends to affect the rest of us.  I'm hoping to have a real post up for you by the end of this week.  Thank you for your patience! :}

For those of you who are wondering, things are fine over here.  A little crazy...Beast'sbelle is in the middle of a bunch of eBay auctions, so there are a ton of 12" dolls sitting across her dresser in various states of undress. :{  I feel sorry for them.  Apparently, Beast'sbelle didn't have enough clothing to go around this time, and she's paranoid about messing up their hair, so they all get to sit around with nothing on, waiting to be boxed up and shipped to as yet unknown locations.  The life of a secondhand doll's a hard one, let me tell you!  I'm sooo thankful Beast'sbelle hasn't decided to sell me.  It seems that the missing hair plugs aren't bothering least, not yet. :{

Things are really rearranged again.  Beast'sbelle has moved everything around since the 18 inchers got their new doll rooms.  I think we'll be in these spots for a while...unless Beast'sbelle gets another rearranging bug. ;)

So our new spot is on top of the white bookshelf instead of in front of it.  I feel a little funny being displayed so decoratively.  I mean, between the art books behind us, the lace doily, and the cluster of lavender roses, I feel quite stuffy and formal.  Beast'sbelle says it's "artistic".  I'm not so sure.

It's also a bit more difficult for Robby to get around since he's stuck on top of a shelf with very smooth sides.   I'm a bit disappointed in Beast'sbelle for not thinking of this. :(  Aside from that, though, it's not too terrible.  The only major thing that's changed is both a blessing and a bummer.

You'll notice that Ben and Isabella aren't with us.  The bummer, of course, is that Rapunzel and I don't have our friend to visit with at all hours of the day.  The blessing is that Ben is not being forced to sit right next to her in a little trio of couples.  Which brings me to another area of disappointment in our "hostess".  Isabella and Ben are both very uncomfortable with all of this matchmaking stuff that Beast'sbelle keeps throwing their way.  Ben, because he's NOT interested in Isabella, and Isabella, because she knows Ben's not interested.  I mean, I wish Beast'sbelle would get a clue that these two are most likely not EVER going to end up together. :(

Anyway, Isabella and Ben are now part of the "Belle herd", as Robby and Eugene jokingly call it, on top of the curio cabinet.  Isabella has had a chance to visit with some of the new Belles and informed us that they're rather nice.  Ben now gets to spend his time with at least four dolls wishing for his attention.  Lucky him. ;)

Oh, and the extra Rapunzels are on the dresser right next to "our" bookshelf.  Beast'sbelle may have to open a museum soon! ;)

I guess that's about all of the news for now.  Like I said, I should have that post up by the end of this week, so keep checking back! :)  Thank you for all of the followers, by the way.  I'm so excited that I'm almost at 30!! :D