Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Quick Hello

Hello, dear readers!  I'm sorry it's been so long since I've done a "real" post.  Robby and I have enjoyed being newlyweds, and I've found that my desire to blog has declined a bit.  I'm still going to be around, but I want to take these first few months to just develop and cultivate our new relationship.  That's my primary focus for now.  Family first, then blogging.  Don't worry, though.  I'll have more posts just may have to be a little patient with me. :}

I did end up having my sleepover with the "girls" that I mentioned in my last post.  I'm ashamed to admit it, but we actually didn't take any pictures.  We were so busy having fun together, we didn't stop to document it. :}  Robby stayed with Eugene and Ben for the evening and had a great visit.  I thought it was pretty sweet of him to give up his room to all of us. :)

That's about all I have time for at the moment.  Just don't worry about me, and I'll be on again as soon as I can with pictures and a post that says more than "hi" and "I'm sorry". ;)  Until next time...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Won't Be Around for a Bit

Any of you who follow Beast'sbelle's blog or Tess and Maggie's blog know that Beast'sbelle and her family will be out of town for around a week.  She's asked all of us to stay off of the computer during that time.  I'm not exactly sure why...maybe because she doesn't have Internet access where she is, so she can't check up on us. ;)  Come on, Beast'sbelle...we all know you do it. ;)  It's understandable, I suppose.  Still, I guess I should give a little more thought to what I type, knowing that she could read it at any time. :}

Anyway, I hope to have another post for you within a week and a half or so.  Until then, have a wonderful summery week! :)  Robby and I are planning on spending some time with Eugene and Rapunzel, and I've thought about having Tiana, Rapunzel, and Isabella over for a sleepover one night.  Eugene very graciously offered to give Robby some shelf space that evening. ;)  I'll keep all of you updated on how that goes.

That's all for now.  I'll talk to you guys soonish! :)

P.S.  Thanks for 25 followers, by the way!!  I'm so excited! :D

Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Honeymoon :)

Finally, I have some time to sit down and share these pics with you. :)  Robby and I had an absolutely wonderful trip! :)

We started out in this rather crowded front seat with Rachel and Charlie (and that was before Beast'sbelle joined us!).  Not the most romantic way to travel, but I suppose sometimes you have to compromise. ;)

It was the longest trip I've ever been on (aside from my journey in the UPS box, as I mentioned before).  It was hard to be patient as the miles kept coming.  

We tried to take turns with the bigger dolls looking out the front dash so that everyone had a chance to get a good view.  When they dozed off, we decided to get comfortable on the dashboard and watch the lovely scenery speed by.

I was so excited to be here with Robby.  Even though the trip was long, it was great to have the time to talk, just the two of us.  Well, almost.  As long as we spoke softly enough.  I mean, Rachel and Charlie and Beast'sbelle and her entire family were right there! :}

I loved these lovely yellow flowers on the side of the road.  Robby said they made him think of my golden ballgown. :)

When we pulled up to this house, Rachel told us that we were here.  I guess she remembered the house from last year.

Robby and I were relieved when we were dropped off in the room where we'd be staying.  It was nice to stretch out comfortably on the bed.  Robby was feeling pretty stiff from staying in one sitting position for so long.  

Not long after this picture, he lay down and I helped him stretch his bad leg.  Ben had recommended several leg exercises that Robby could do to help keep his leg as limber as possible, and now that I was his wife, I was determined to help him as much as I could.  Robby doesn't particularly care for his exercises (I think you humans would find it similar to what you call physical therapy), but he knows they're good for him.  I try to sweeten the deal by promising him kisses when he completes them. ;)

The rest of the evening was fairly calm and quiet, which was nice for us.  I wanted Robby to have as much time to recover from the trip as possible so that we could enjoy the beach the next day.  

Oh, how lovely it was!  I'd never seen the ocean before this, and I couldn't even begin to described how the beautiful scenery moved me.  

Robby and I did a bit of climbing around on the rocks until we found one with a perfect vantage point.

It was so wonderful to be there with him, watching the waves crashing on the sand and hearing the gulls calling overhead.  I think that I had never been quite so blissfully happy. :)

"Isn't it lovely?" I asked him.

He turned and kissed my cheek.  "Almost as lovely as you," he told me warmly.

I laughed and socked him on the shoulder.  "Whatever."  And with that, I hopped down from the rock and ran over to the sand.  I waited every moment for him to come bounding up behind me, but when I turned, he was struggling to get down from the rock with the aid of his walking stick.  I instantly felt guilty.  

It's been 6 months since his injury.  You'd think I could remember that he can't keep up with me the way he used to, especially when I'd just helped him the night before!  Yet here and there, I forget, and think we're still the same as we were last summer, when we rambled constantly through the backyard.

I quickly hurried back to the rock.  I almost offered him a hand, but then I remembered how that embarrasses him.  So instead, I waited for him at the bottom.  He managed to get down fairly quickly in spite of his difficulties.  

I placed my hand in his.  "Shall we go put our feet in the sand?"

He smiled and nodded.  I knew he was grateful that I didn't mention what had just happened.  I think it's still hard for him to adjust sometimes, too.

We spent the next few hours playing in the sand and enjoying the sun.  When we were tired, we found a comfortable spot on the sand and relaxed.  I think Rachel mentioned this in her post too, but I was so thankful for plastic instead of skin on this day!  Beast'sbelle forgot the sunscreen, and all of the humans got really sunburned (I suppose 5 hours in the sun will do that to you humans!).  

I was so thankful that we got the chance to go.  Beast'sbelle called this beach "Moonstone Beach".  I thought it was a wonderful name. :)

That night, we spent the evening relaxing together.  All of the others were busy with other things, so we had plenty of time to ourselves.  That's a luxury, even at Beast'sbelle's house, with all of the dolls that are around.

In fact, we spent most of the trip on our own.  We raided the kitchen for snacks, took walks around the beautiful front yard, relaxed in the bedroom, and spent time just basking in each other's company, while the others rushed from activity to activity.

On Tuesday, the last full day that we were there, we decided to join the group again.  They were going to go to the Samoa Dunes.  Beast'sbelle said that it was a great beach and we would probably enjoy it.  We stopped first at Murphy's market in Trinidad for some lunch.

Beast'sbelle bought a sandwich, Cheetos, and blueberries for us to share with the bigger dolls. 

(By the way, I just wanted to mention something.  You've probably noticed that I seem to be wearing the same dress for the entire trip.  First, I don't have pictures from every day, and during those days I washed it.  Secondly, this dress was way more comfy than any of my others, so I wore it more often than I normally wear my dresses.  Just in case you were wondering.) ;) 

After lunch, we stopped at "Windan Sea", a shell souvenir shop that is apparently a traditional stop for Beast'sbelle's family every year.  Robby and I opted to sit in the car for this trip and save our energy for the beach.

And Beast'sbelle was was a lovely beach!  The sun was shining, the water was as blue as a sapphire, and the sand was nice and flat, making it easy for us to take walks.  

You might notice that Robby's walking stick is different in this picture.  That's because we couldn't find his original one that morning, so Beast'sbelle found a piece of driftwood for him to use temporarily.  

I love this picture! :)

When we'd had enough walking, we found a comfy spot in the sand and watched the waves.  We whispered sweet nothings and spun dreams together.  It was another day I'll never forget as long as I live. :)

Robby remembered that Beast'sbelle and Belle'sbeast have a kissing picture on the beach from their honeymoon.  He thought it would be fun if we did the same thing. ;)  Of course, the one from Beast'sbelle's honeymoon was taken by Belle'sbeast while he was kissing her (pretty talented, huh?).  Thankfully, Beast'sbelle was willing to take the picture for us, so we could just concentrate on our favorite part:  the kissing! ;)

Me with my honey :)  I'm not sure what I was looking at here...something must have distracted me at the last minute. :{

One fun thing that happened is that Beast'sbelle's dad, who loves to whittle, made a custom walking stick for Robby from another piece of driftwood.  He said he'd eventually add a leather strap to put around Robby's wrist.  Robby was really excited about this. :)  Thanks, Beast'sbelle's dad! 

The day after our trip to Samoa Dunes, it was time to head home again.  Beast'sbelle took a couple of final pictures of us out in the beautiful front yard of her friends' house.  

We had such a wonderful time together.  It was the best honeymoon we could ever have! :)

That's all for now.  I'm still so incredibly tired!  I guess traveling can do that to you.  :}  I'll be back soon with more stories to tell, though.  Don't worry. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We're Back! :)

Hello everyone!  It's great to be blogging again. :D  I hope you're all doing well.  Robby and I just got back a little over an hour ago.  Our honeymoon trip was the BEST, but it's wonderful to be home again, too.  I was hoping to get some official trip posting done tonight.  Now that I'm sitting here, though, I'm feeling a little too wiped out for that.  :}  I'll try to get to it as soon as I can.

We didn't take a whole lot of pictures...we wanted to focus on spending time together more than anything else. :)  We did get some great shots on the beach, though, so I'll be sure to share those.  Hopefully I'll be able to get to that within the next couple of days.  For now, I'm off to sleep in my own bed for the first time in a week!  Now THAT sounds heavenly!!

I'll be in touch with you soon! :)