Friday, July 13, 2012

Updates Galore

I'm back again, dear readers! :)  Now that Beast'sbelle has returned from her trip, we all have the chance to get caught up on our blogs once more.  And what a lot I have to tell you about!

First, Tiana did decide to email Naveen back.  She sent her first email with Beast'sbelle there watching to make sure everything was okay, and after that, Tiana promised Beast'sbelle that she would only email him when someone else was there with her (for security purposes).

At first, their emails were cautious and halting.  Tiana asked him a little bit about himself, and then started shooting him random trivia that only her Naveen would know.  What was the first thing you did when we first met?  she asked.  I winked at you, he replied, and I think it startled you a bit.

Okay, then what was my favorite song to sing at our all-night sing alongs? she quizzed him.  "Honor to Us All" from Mulan came the swift reply.

What about my favorite food?

Spaghetti, if I remember correctly.

My dream? she asked again.

To learn how to play the banjo.

The questioning continued throughout all of this last week, and every question was answered correctly.  Tiana was getting cautiously excited.

"I really think it could be him, Belle," she said in her soft drawl.  "He knows things that no one but Naveen should know.  I mean, he's answering questions that you wouldn't even know the answer to!"

"So what are you going to do?" I asked her.

"I don't know yet," she admitted.  "I don't want to rush into anything.  I think I'll probably just keep emailing him for a while."  She gave me a light smile.  "I've waited this long for won't hurt to wait a little bit longer."  Even as she said it, though, she couldn't disguise the excitement in her eyes.  I really hope everything works out for her.

I haven't had a chance to ask Beast'sbelle about the Naveen she was ordering from the Disney Store yet.  Hopefully I'll get a chance in the next day or so.

In other news, Cordelia will be finding a new home.  Beast'sbelle said that she's just not a good fit, and she wants Cordelia to find a place where she can be really happy.  In a way, it's sort of a relief.  She's never really meshed with the rest of us, and it's been a bit awkward at times.  I feel sorry for her, though.  Hopefully Beast'sbelle will be able to find her a good home.

Beast'sbelle also informed me today that she brought a new Belle doll home from the Disney Store.  I'm a little bit nervous to meet her.  Overall, I feel pretty secure here, but I can't help that slight panicky feeling I get every time a new Belle doll is added to the collection.  One of these days, I just know Beast'sbelle will find one that she likes better than me.  Then what will happen?  I'm trying not to borrow trouble, like Robby says, but it's hard not to live in my imagination.  The life of a doll is full of many unknowns.

I guess that's about all for now.  Sorry about the lack of pictures for this post...I just wanted to get you all updated with as much news as possible.  Next time I'll try to have another "real" post for you. ;)

Talk to all of you again soon!


MulanFan_95 said...

I hope Tiana finds her real Naveen true love...
I have a question, do you guys at the Disney Store can't fall in love with someone you weren't meant to be with? Like, what if a Snow White doll falls in love with a Dr. Doofenshmirtz plush? Is that even legal?

beastsbelle said...

Good gracious, who on earth is "Dr. Doofenshmirtz"?! What a name!

But as to your question, we don't necessarily have to stay canon, I suppose. Most Disney dolls I know personally have stuck with their significant other from the film they were based on, but as you well know by now, we are NOT our movie characters, so we are not necessarily bound to the doll we "should" be with.

It's an interesting thought. I suppose we might throw some of the humans for a loop if we ended up with the "wrong" Prince or significant other, though. ;)


MulanFan_95 said...

Well, it's easier for one to look at a canon couple... It would be kind of awkward to see you and Eugene or Rapunzel and Robby as couples! Oh, by the way, Dr. Doofenshmirtz is the evil character of the Disney Channel Series "Phineas and Ferb".

beastsbelle said...

Ah, I see. Thanks for filling me in. ;)

Whoa, that would be weird if I was married to Eugene or Rapunzel was married to Robby!! :} I think we're paired off just right. ;) Still, though, it is possible to fall in love with someone who's not from the movie you're based on. It's been known to happen. I wonder if it will ever happen at Beast'sbelle's?


Emma said...

You've been nominated! And the award goes to.... You!!

I Love Your Blog!!

beastsbelle said...

Oh, thank you Emma! My blog has never been nominated for anything like this before! :D I'll get to it just as soon as I can. :)


Elliebob said...

I think she should ask him Over email if he has a face like the one she met in the disney store. He had sort of a droopy face on one side I think. I remember that in a post somewhere. :)

beastsbelle said...

I think I remember something about that too! He had an uneven face mold or something. Good idea, Elliebob!


Meritre said...

Things are getting exciting! The mini girls believe that wonders do happen and Tia will find her other half. :)

beastsbelle said...

So glad you and your mini girls are enjoying it, Meritre! :) Keep gets even better! :)