Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Year Blogoversary Giveaway :)

Okay, it's giveaway time here on Belle's Bulletins!  This is my first giveaway ever, so I'm really excited, even if the prizes aren't super exciting. ;)

And speaking of prizes, here they are:

1.  An autographed picture of me. :)

2.  An autographed picture of Robby and me. :D

3.  This super cute little Pascal figure from the Disney Store (purchased on Beast'sbelle's recent trip).  If you're interested, the plastic underneath Pascal will be autographed by the doll of your choice (or even Beast'sbelle, if you'd like).  If you'd rather have him without an autograph, that's okay too. :)  

(Thanks to Robby, Eugene, and Rapunzel for helping me display the prizes.) ;)

Okay, so here are the giveaway rules and details:

1.  The winner will receive all three of the prizes pictured, and will be selected by random drawing.

2.  To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your name or username and email address.  Comment moderation is on, so no one will see your information except me (and Beast'sbelle, if I need the help). ;)  Please get permission from a parent or guardian to enter if you are under 18.  I'll have to get your mailing address to send your prizes to you, and I want to make sure that's okay with them. :)

3.  The contest will be open to entries until FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND.  On Saturday, November 3rd, I will select  the winner and contact them through email.  The winner will have ONE WEEK to respond to my email with their mailing address.  If I don't hear from them by Saturday, November 10th, a new winner will be chosen.

4.  I'm sorry to do this, but I'd rather not tackle International shipping on my first giveaway, so this contest is only open to United States residents.  I hope I'm not disappointing too many of you, but I'm trying to keep this as stress-free as possible for myself. :}

I think that's about it!  Feel free to contact me through the comments or through email if you have any other questions.  You can reach me at make sure you say something in the subject line about "Belle" and not "Beast'sbelle" so that it gets to me. ;)

Have fun entering!!  I can't wait to see who wins! :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Belle!

My name is Meggie and I would like to enter your giveaway! I live in the US, so I would like to enter for the whole thing. I have a parents permission. The Pascal is so cute!


beastsbelle said...

Abilene, I got your entry, so you're all set. :)


Anonymous said...

i would love to enter:) my name is shannon. i live in the usa as well. i'm over 18, 30 actually, but i love these dolls they are so awesome. btw, belle is my favorite disney princess:)

beastsbelle said...

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for your comment. Sorry, but my One Year Blogoversary Giveaway is already over. :( I should put something like "closed" at the top of the post so there's no more confusion.

Sorry about that!