Monday, April 22, 2013

A Few Random Things

And here I am again, horribly late on my posting and without any pictures or anything interesting to say. :{  It's eBay time again, so Beast'sbelle has items and packing materials stacked up in her room.  It's made it rather difficult for us to get around, so we've been pretty much confined to our spot for the past week.

I have a few tidbits to share before I go back to my "prison" (although it is a rather pleasant one). ;)  First, Beast'sbelle told Rapunzel a few days ago that she's discovered several plastic children who need a home.  Several?  She was quick to inform Rapunzel that she didn't have to take all of them...she could find places for the others.  She was wondering if Eugene and Rapunzel would like to have them stay with them for a while, though, almost like a foster home scenario for you humans.  I was pleased to hear that Beast'sbelle was so clear about her intentions throughout the process.  What we went through with Emilie was horrible, but if it saves other dolls from going through the heartache we did, it will be worth it.

I asked Rapunzel if she and Eugene would consider adding more than one child to their family permanently, and she told me they might not be opposed to the idea, but it would depend on the situation.  I think she and Eugene must be nuts, but I have to remember that Rapunzel isn't me.  I'll be sure to keep you informed about them.

I do hate just blurting everything out in such a boring way, but I'm afraid I'll forget to tell you all the news if I wait! :(

In other news, we recently discovered some of Beast'sbelle's old Barbie horses.  I found out something about Robby that I never knew:  he loves horses!  He and one of the horses instantly connected.  Emilie was super excited to see that there was a baby horse just her size.  I've never really been around horses much, but they all seemed friendly and I was quite at ease around them.  Beast'sbelle said it would be good for them to get some exercise, and I thought that perhaps that would be a good family outing.  Three horses for the three of us.  I hope it will work out.  We could use some outside time after being cooped up for so long. :)

I've also finally arranged a playdate with Faith for the girls.  We'll be getting together this Friday.  I'm excited and nervous at the same time.  I hope there's no awkwardness between us, and I hope it won't be too hard for Faith to see Emilie as my daughter.  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

That's about all for now, dear readers.  I need to go read Emilie a bedtime story.  I'll be back to share more with you soon. :)


Anonymous said...

A playdate with Faith's child and Emilie? Great idea, whoever came up with this idea! Lol :)

beastsbelle said...

I thought so too. ;) It was pretty much my idea. I'm hoping it will be a nice way to smooth things over and help Faith get past what happened with Emilie.


Desert Lily said...

I look forward to seeing pictures of you three with the horses! The dolls over here love horses too.

beastsbelle said...

Check the next post! ;)