Friday, June 21, 2013

Rapunzel's New Family Members

Okay, more backlog to clear. :}  Let's see, we're up to mid-May.  

I briefly introduced you to Rapunzel and Eugene's new family members in my last post.  Shortly after Lily found her new home, my friend came over to let us formally meet their children.  

You'll also remember that I mentioned our new "room"?  You'll see pictures of it in this post.  I'm trying not to get too attached, since Beast'sbelle is so very fond of rearranging and often does so at a moment's notice. For now, though, Robby, Emilie and I are enjoying our little shelf.  It's snug and comfy and just right for the three of us. :)  Beast'sbelle even put up some white Christmas lights to make the room a little brighter. 

But back to the story. ;)  Eugene and Rapunzel arrived slightly later than the arranged time, but with four children to get ready you can hardly blame them. ;)  I was so happy to see my friend.  She'd been very busy adjusting to the changes and we hadn't spoken in nearly a week.

Emilie sat in Robby's lap at first, a little shy of the new children.  She seemed especially shy of Thomas.  She sat "safely" with her father and stroked her puppy Toto's fur.  (I mentioned her puppy in my last post as well, didn't I?  He's named Toto after the dog in "The Wizard of Oz" since he looks so much like him.) :)

Interestingly enough, Thomas seemed rather shy himself.  He stood behind Eugene almost the entire time and didn't speak a word.

He was so cute with his little buzz cut and his miniature tuxedo.  I had to resist the urge to rush over and give him a hug. ;)  I doubt he would have appreciated it, especially coming from a complete stranger. :}

After a while, though, I forgot everything else and focused on catching up with my best friend.  

"So, how have you been?" I asked her.

She laughed.  "Well, it's certainly been an adjustment going from two kids to four, but we're making it."

I looked at the two children she juggled in her lap and noticed the adorable way that Becca was making Emma laugh.

"Have you managed to get any sleep?" I asked.

"Surprisingly, yes!" Rapunzel replied.  "The younger two are already pretty established in their sleep routines, and Thomas and Becca haven't had any problems."  She giggled.  "I guess that's the good thing about starting with the younger ones and going to older children after that.  Our first few nights with Thomas and Becca were so much easier than our first few nights with the younger ones, especially Emma!"

"Oh, I remember!" I agreed, thinking back to how fussy Emma had been when she first arrived.

"Another great thing is my new LIV body," Rapunzel added.  "My arm and wrist joints are much more suited to holding children now."

I didn't quite know what to say.  The whole body swap thing was still a rather surreal subject to me.  It didn't bother me as much as it had in the beginning, but I still didn't like to think about it.  Especially since I couldn't help but wonder if someday that might be what the future held for me.  I was glad that my friend seemed to have reconciled herself to it, though.

We moved on to other topics that would be boring to relate to you word-for-word.  Things like what type of schedule Rapunzel had the children on (I always felt rather guilty when we discussed this...aside from a scheduled bedtime, Emilie was pretty free of structure.), how busy they were all the time, and how warm the weather had been lately.

All too soon, it was time for them to leave.  Rapunzel had warned me ahead of time that the first visit would be a short one.  She wanted to give Becca and especially Thomas, who was painfully shy, some time to get used to things before they spent a lot of time with others.  I understood, but still couldn't help the sadness that washed over me as my friend started gathering her family.  I'd gotten spoiled spending so much time on the same shelf with Rapunzel and Eugene.  I didn't like being separated from them.  Of course, the privacy was nice, but I felt so disconnected from them.

Robby, being the gentleman that he is, stood up as they left.  Emilie stood in front of him, still clinging to Toto.  She didn't wave, but did smile for "Uncle Eugene and Aunt Rapunzel". 

As they stood at the threshold, waving goodbye, I took the opportunity to admire how adorable they looked as a little family unit.  Rapunzel cuddled Becca and Emma in her arms.  Abby was snuggled up like a little papoose in Eugene's satchel.  Thomas was giving us a shy little wave.

I loved the way Eugene had his arm protectively on Thomas' shoulder.  As they turned to go, Thomas looked up at him.  He must have smiled, for Eugene's chest swelled up and he beamed with pride.  It was fun to see him so endearing with his son.  I hoped that everything would work out for Thomas and Becca to stay with them forever.  I wasn't looking forward to the heartache they would face if the children found other homes like Lily had.

A giggling noise from Becca interrupted my thoughts.  She was squirming all around, trying to escape Rapunzel's grasp.

"See you in a week?" Rapunzel asked as she hoisted the slippery Becca up on her hip again.

I nodded.  Rapunzel and Eugene had agreed to watch Emilie for our anniversary so that Robby and I could celebrate, just the two of us.  (I know, it's absolutely horrible that it's taken me this long to post about it!  Our anniversary was Saturday, May 25th, for those of you who don't remember.  And I TOLD myself I was going to be organized and get it on here shortly after, or do some sort of lovely mushy post for Robby.  Sigh.)

(Oh, and since I didn't feel horrid enough, when Beast'sbelle read this, she reminded me that I had forgotten to mention Rapunzel and Eugene's second anniversary on February 21st entirely.  Thanks, Beast'sbelle.  I needed some lemon juice for my paper cut.) :{

Right before she left, Rapunzel gave me a special smile over Becca's head.  I knew my friend must be missing our late night chats and our former closeness as well.  I suppose that's the way things go, though.  Human or doll, we all have different seasons of our life that pass and change to something else.  

I almost laughed at my dramatic thoughts.  It wasn't like I would never see Rapunzel again.  She was just across the room.  How Robby would have teased me if he had known. :}

Thinking of Robby made me look up at my handsome husband of almost one year.  I couldn't believe how quickly the time had passed.  I was so grateful for his love and the way he treasured Emilie and me.

As I watched him wave to our friends, I wondered if he would ever want more children than just Emilie.  Since we'd started the parenthood thing so much earlier than we'd planned, I hadn't given it much thought.  It was enough of a change just getting used to one child.  I couldn't imagine adding any more...definitely not three more like Rapunzel and Eugene!  Still, I supposed if we wanted to find a sibling for Emilie, we should think about it soon.  We didn't want her getting too spoiled as an only child.  

The thought of adding to our family suddenly overwhelmed me, and I pushed it aside.  I got to my feet to check Beast'sbelle's alarm clock.  It should be nearly time for Emilie to get to bed.

"Mommy?" Emilie was suddenly beside me.  I smiled.  I never tired of hearing her call me that.

"Yes, sweetie?" I responded.

"Is it bedtime yet, or do I have a few minutes to play?" She looked up at me with hopeful eyes.

I glanced over at the alarm clock.  Technically it was bedtime, but surely a few minutes of playtime wouldn't kill her.  I caught Robby's eye and he gave me a little smile.  We were both such softies.

"You may play for just five minutes," I told her.

"Thank you, Mommy!" she said happily.  She plopped down in front of the dresser and cuddled with Toto, singing him a sweet little made-up song.    

I always found myself fascinated with Emilie's lovely little voice.  She sounded like an angel.  It was Emilie who should have been the Disney princess doll, not me.

My husband was suddenly beside me.  "Hello, wife of mine," he said playfully.

"Hello, husband of mine," I retorted with a grin.  Then I grew serious.  "Can you believe it's already been almost one year since we've been married?"  

He smiled tenderly.  "It's flown by, but I've loved every minute."

"Every minute?" I teased him.  "Even when I've been unbearable?"

He pretended to think this over.  "Okay, I suppose I've loved almost every minute."

I swatted at him playfully, and he took me in his arms and kissed me.

I pulled away, giggling in embarrassment.  "Robby, Emilie is right there," I reminded him with a whisper.

His lips found my cheek.  "She'll get over it," he whispered humorously.  "It's nothing she hasn't seen from us before."

He took my hand.  "So, do you have any plans for next Saturday?"

I grinned again.  "Why?  Did you have something in mind?"

He took a deep breath as if he was nervous.  "Well, I was kind of wondering if you wanted to go out with me."  His eyes flickered playfully, betraying his true feelings.

I gave a nonchalant yawn.  "I'll have to check my calendar," I said casually.

He ducked his head, hiding a smile.  "I hope you can fit me in.  I'd really, really like to spend some time with you."

Then his hand had cupped my chin, and all signs of teasing were gone.  There was a fire in his eyes that I hadn't seen in a long time.  "I wish today was Saturday," he confided in a warm voice.

I couldn't resist.  "Um, it is Saturday, dearest," I said innocently.

He smiled half a smile and shook his head at my little joke.  "I meant next Saturday, which I think you knew."

I kissed his nose.  "I did," I admitted with a grin.  "I just couldn't resist being bratty."

He rolled his eyes.  "Tell me about it."

I slapped his shoulder indignantly.  "Excuse me?"

"Ow," he whined, rubbing his shoulder.  "What's with the spousal abuse?"

"Har, har," I said dryly.  

And then we both stopped our ridiculous banter.  Robby wrapped his arms around me and I leaned my head against his shoulder, where it felt just right.  I drank in the unique smell of his plastic (much better than that cologne stuff that human men use).  This was where I belonged.  I was so excited that our anniversary was so soon...and I couldn't wait to share the rest of my life with this doll.  Suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to be alone with him.

Now that I thought about it, next Saturday did seem awfully far away. :}


The dolls! said...

Oh how sweet!! Thomas looks like he might be a good friend, Maybe if you mothers' can handle it, you, Faith, and Rapunzel, should get the children together! I think that Becca might get along with Faith's girls. Sorry, not trying to be the boss, just suggesting something that might work. Happy late anniversary! A sibling for Emilie? If you are considering another child, would you get one that's older or younger?

Abbie R,

beastsbelle said...

No need to apologize, Abbie. I think that's a great idea! :) Maybe I'll discuss it with Rapunzel sometime. We haven't had much time to get together since the time of this post (which was around a month ago). She and Eugene have been so busy with the kids. :}

Thanks for the congratulations. I can't wait to share all about my anniversary and how it went. ;)

Goodness, I hadn't given it much thought. Regarding a sibling for Emilie, I mean. I guess it would depend on who Beast'sbelle could find. I don't really want to think about it much at this point, though. I'm not quite ready to add to our family just yet. :}


The dolls! said...

Okay, Your welcome, I just didn't want to sound bossy. :} And frankly, Emilie having a sibling seems interesting, but in a different sort of way. Yes I know confusing, but I love the thought of Emilie being a sibling, it's just, well, I can't explain. :{:

beastsbelle said...

I think I get it, Abbie, don't worry. ;) I do like the idea of Emilie having a sibling eventually...I'm just not sure how soon it would be. ;)