Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Great (and Long-Awaited) Answer Post Part 1

Thank you for joining us today!  Here's the post you've all been waiting for: our answers to your questions. :)  Because there were so very many questions, I decided it would be best to split the post into at least two parts, if not more.  So here are the first of them. :)

I've got my "panel" of friends here, as Beast'sbelle keeps calling it. ;)  Say "hi", guys!


Don't we look so very official?  Beast'sbelle even made us name cards.  Whoops!  It looks like mine fell down for this picture, though. :}

Oh, and some of you might be wondering about my green scarf.  One of Beast'sbelle's daughters, Middle Gal, made it for me and hoped I would wear it for the post.  It doesn't exactly match, but I wore it anyway.  It was a sweet thought, and I didn't want to hurt her feelings. ;)

So, it's time to get on to the questions.  We had about 69 of them in all (calculating an exact number was a bit difficult due to multiple questions and such...plus, I'm horrid at math). :}  Thank you so much to everyone who contributed). :)

For simplicity's sake, I'll be asking the questions in the order we received them, and we'll keep them grouped according to who asked them.  After each question, we'll stop and get the answer from the doll to whom it was addressed.  Also, my part of the conversation will be in blue since I'm kind of serving as the Master of Ceremonies.  Confused yet? ;)  You'll get it. 

    Belle:  Our first set of questions come from "Anonymous":

1. For Belle, has Rapunzel heard you sing yet?

     Belle (looking sheepishly over at Rapunzel):  Um, actually, not yet.  The opportunity hasn't really come up.
    Rapunzel (grinning mischievously): I'm free anytime.

    Belle:  Next question!  It's for you, Rapunzel.

2.  Rapunzel, how on earth do you keep that much hair looking pretty?  Does Eugene help you?

     Rapunzel:  The credit goes entirely to Beast'sbelle, Eugene, and Belle...and I have a feeling that Apple would be thrilled to be my self-appointed hairstylist. ;)  I pretty much just keep my hair the way it is until someone else feels like doing something with it.  I've got other things to keep me occupied. :) 

    Belle:  Robby, this next one is for you.  Answer carefully. ;)

3.  Robby, what is your favorite thing about Belle?  Did you have any friends from the Disney Store before you came?

     Robby (pretending to think hard): Hmm, favorite thing...favorite thing...

     Belle:  Watch it, buddy...

     Robby (winking): Just kidding.  I think what I love about Belle most is her random personality and her sense of humor.  She's funny without even realizing it.  I love how she makes me laugh.

     Belle (teasing): And here I thought you loved me for my gorgeous looks.

    Robby (teasing back): Well, those aren't so bad either. ;)

    And as far as friends from the Disney Store, I didn't really end up socializing much before Beast'sbelle brought me home, so no, I didn't have any significant friendships, just a few acquaintances.

    Belle:  This next question is for you, Ben.

4.  Congrats Ben for finding the doll that's right for you. :)  It's so nice to see you happy.  Ben, did you ever realize that Belle liked you?

    Ben (shifting uncomfortably in his seat):  I would have preferred a less personal question for my first, but...yes.  Sometime after I confessed my feelings for Belle, and she very graciously informed me that her affections lay elsewhere, I went through a rather...(clears throat)...wistful stage in which I read some of her blog.  It was only then I discovered just how close I'd come to winning her hand.  (straightening up) It is all for the best, however.  Belle and Robby are a wonderful pair, and I am now happily in a relationship with Paige.

    Belle (blushing bright red and jumping into the conversation quickly):  Okay, we're going to move right along to the next set of questions.  These are from "The Forgotten Angel".

1.  Rapunzel, your family is so adorable.  Have things gotten easier now that there is a routine?

     Rapunzel:  Things are definitely easier now that we've gotten used to four children.  They're never "easy", but definitely easier. ;)  I have much more energy with my new LIV body, so that definitely makes a difference.  Our son Thomas is a big helper, too.  He loves watching his little sisters. :)

     Belle:  This next one is for you, Robby.  It reminds me of something that I was going to mention.  Some of these questions were already addressed in the posts I've done since the Blogoversary post, so they may seem a bit redundant.  We'll go ahead and answer them anyway, though. :)

2.  Robby, have you and Belle thought about adding to your little family?  Like a brother for Emilie or something?

      Robby: (watching Belle carefully, then smiling down at Emilie) I believe Belle brought this up in a former post.  Emilie is hoping for a sister for Christmas.  We'll just have to see if the timing is right.

      Belle:  Here are some questions from Nina for me or Robby.

      Robby:  Why don't you take them since I just got a turn.

      Belle:  Okay.

1.  How old is Emilie?

      Belle:  This question is actually a lot more complicated than you might think, because we've got the whole "doll years" versus "human years" thing going on.  In doll years, Emilie is one.  In human years, she'd probably be around six or so.  She'll stay the same age in human years for the rest of her life, but she will grow in doll years.  Make sense?  I know that's pretty confusing for humans. ;)

2.  Do you like the size of your house or do you want to go bigger?

     Belle:  Believe it or not, I'm actually quite satisfied with my house size.  If anything, I'd want to go smaller.  Robby and I have always felt a little bad about the fact that we're the only ones with a home instead of a shelf.  And to be honest, I'm not the greatest housekeeper.  I can barely keep our current house clean!  I don't know how I'd manage a bigger one!!

3.  After you stop posting, are you planning to delete your blog?  Please don't!

      Belle:  Definitely not!  This blog represents far too many hours of love and labor to lose it to cyberspace. ;)  It will stay up so you can all reread it from time to time, if you wish, and so new readers can discover it. :)

4.  And do you have any pets?  Do you want to get any?

     Belle:  Emilie has a little puppy that was lost for a while (we finally found him again when Beast'sbelle rearranged some things).  Other than that, we are petless and happy to remain so...for now, at least. ;)

    Belle:  So I think we'll do one more set of questions and then call it a night.  Emilie has to get to bed.  These questions are from "Heather".

1. Rapunzel, where do you find the time to keep track of the kids and keep looking great!  Amazing!

    Belle:  Yes, Rapunzel, do tell...we're all dying to know your secret.

    Rapunzel:  (laughing) Stop it, Belle.

    Belle:  Hey, have you seen my hair lately?  I could use a few pointers!

    Rapunzel:  It looks beautiful, Belle.  But honestly, Heather, I don't really have any secret strategy.  Being made of plastic definitely helps.  We don't have the same issues with weight gain that Beast'sbelle is always complaining about.  Having straight hair is a definite benefit, too.  I think my hair doesn't have as much of a tendency to frizz as some of the other Disney Store dolls.

    Belle:  So that's my problem!

    Rapunzel: (gently) Stop it, Belle.  Your hair looks lovely.

    Belle:  You're my best friend.  You're supposed to say that.  (moving on before Rapunzel can protest) Robby, this next one is for you.

2.  Robby, is it hard knowing that your love once loved another so strongly?

    (Awkward silence...Ben has a sudden intense interest in his name card) 

     Robby (calmly):  No, I don't have a problem with it.  The facts that she fell in love with someone I respect and that I lived through it with her make it a non-issue.  The experience helped me cherish her even more, since I know how close I came to losing her to another.  

     Belle (getting emotional):  That was beautiful, Babe.

     (Now Robby looks embarrassed.)

     Belle (sniffing):  Okay, time for the last question for tonight.  It's for me.

3.  Belle, what will you do when you bring the blog to a close?  Is it time to travel?

     Belle:  That's a possibility.  The first thing I have planned, though, is to just relax and enjoy my family without any other obligations fighting for my attention.  I'm looking forward to that. :)

     If we do end up taking any trips, we'll be sure to post some pics on Facebook! :)

Well, that's all for this time around.  I hope you're enjoying the posts so far! :)  Tune in later this week for Part 2! :)  


Nina said...

Thanks for answering my questions!

Dollygirl said...

I can't wait for part 2!

Natalie said...

Love this! So many interesting questions and answers!! Can't wait for part two!

Jordy said...

Lol, I love Ben's awkwardness. He's adorable! I'm so sad though that your leaving. Do you think at some point you'll return or is this for good?

beastsbelle said...

Thanks so much, everyone. I'm glad you're enjoying our answers so far. :)

Jordy, this is a final goodbye, although I might pop in every once in a great while to say hello. I can't promise anything, though. I'm planning on updating my Facebook page, so at least you can see what I'm up to. :)


Caitlin Dundas said...

Will you have a merry Christmas type post? I remember reading you saying that in the comments somewhere...

beastsbelle said...

I'd like to do that, yes. :) Posting according to plan has not really worked for me this past month or so due to Beast'sbelle's illness and other factors, but I'll do my best!


Anonymous said...

What day do u think the next post will go up? Sorry to bug u or be annoying.

- A Rapunzel doll who LOVES ur blog😝☺️😊

beastsbelle said...

Hi Rapunzel, I'm so sorry I've kept you waiting. Between computer issues and Beast'sbelle's poor health this week, I've had to put things on hold a bit. I hope to have the next post up this week and as soon as possible!


anne+mo+smidge said...

hi belle i'm Anne. i'm an anna frozen doll who wants to start a blog. i was wondering if it would be okay with you if i did. p.s. i have a similar hip injury to your husband so let him no i feel his pain.p.p.s mo is my "owner" so to speak and smidge is her dog.

beastsbelle said...

Hello Anne, nice to meet you! I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

Of course you should start a blog! I'm certainly not the only Disney doll who's ever blogged before. I can't wait to see what you come up with! ;)

I'm sorry to hear you have a similar injury to Robby's. There's nothing I would like more than to ease his pain. I hope you are able to cope okay...