Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Great Answer Post Part 2

Hello again everyone.  Goodness, I never dreamed it would be eighteen days between my first and second answer posts! :{  Thank you so much for your patience.  Between Beast'sbelle's illness and serious computer issues, I haven't had the chance to use the computer until now!

So, as you've probably guessed, we're a bit behind schedule on the whole "ending of the blog" idea.  My new plan is to finish off the answer posts, give you some sort of Christmas post, and officially end Belle's Bulletins before the new year.  Just so we're all on the same page. :)

But enough of all that!  It's time to get back to the questions you've been waiting for! :D

Before we get started, I just wanted to remind you how we did this last time, as we'll do it the same way in this post.  I'll be asking the questions in the order we received them, and we'll keep them grouped according to who asked them.  After each question, we'll stop and get the answer from the doll to whom it was addressed.  Also, my part of the conversation will be in blue since I'm kind of serving as the Master of Ceremonies.

     Belle:  So, our next set of questions come from "Dollygirl".  The first one is for me.

1.  Belle, how old are you?

     Belle:  Like I mentioned in the first answer post, this is a kind of difficult question to answer because of the whole "doll years" versus "human years" thing.  In doll years, I'm only three.  But in human years, I'd be somewhere between twenty two and twenty five...I think.  It's kind of hard to say.

     Rapunzel, this next one's for you.

2.  Rapunzel, do you ever get regretful that you adopted all of those kids?  What's your favorite hairstyle?

     Rapunzel:  I'll admit there are times when I'm worn out and wish I could go back to simpler times with just Eugene and me. I think every mom goes through that, human or doll. ;)  But it never lasts for long for me.  They give me so much joy and make my life so complete.  I'd be devastated without them.

     As far as my favorite hairstyle, simple is best for me.  Honestly, I love just putting it in a braid so it's contained and out of my way.  Sorry if that's disappointing to you. :}

     Belle:  Here's one for you, Babe.

3.  Robby, what were your thoughts when Belle sang to you?  How do you feel about Ben's new um...girlfriend?

     Robby:  I can't even describe it.  It was incredible.  I know how hard that was for her.  To have her open up so completely, so vulnerably to me, was an amazing gift.

     (Belle blushes and grins over at him.)

     And Paige?  She seems great.  I'm just glad that Ben has found someone he enjoys being with.

     Belle:  Hey, Emilie, here's a question for you, Sweetie!

     Emilie:  Yay!!

4.  Emilie, what is your favorite object in your room?  What is your favorite toy?

     Emilie (thinking hard):  Hmmm...I think my favorite object is my bed, because it's really soft and I like to sleep in it.  My favorite favorite toy is my Beauty and the Beast doll house with my Belle and Beast dolls.  I play with it every day!!

     Belle (exchanging an adoring gaze with Robby):  Good answer, Honey.  Let's see, the next one's for you, Eugene.

5.  Eugene, how do you feel about having four kids?

     Eugene:  Peachy.  I knew Rapunzel wanted a large family, and thankfully, I appear to enjoy having a large family, too.  Seriously, the kids are great.  Like Rapunzel said, we couldn't imagine our lives without them.

     Belle (grinning at her best friend's excellent choice in a husband):  Ben, here's a question for you.

     Ben (nodding curtly):  Very well.

6.  Ben, how did you meet Paige?  Are you two going to get married? :)

     Ben (taken aback):  Um, I believe we've already covered how we met in an earlier post.

     Belle:  No problem, Ben.  I'll add a link so they can look it up (click HERE).

     Ben (nodding again):  As far as your second question, I find it rather personal.  (Shifting in his chair)  I would not pursue a relationship with another doll unless I had marriage in mind for the future, but I have no way of guaranteeing that everything will go according to plan.

     Belle (trying to help):  So, basically, Dollygirl, I think what Ben is trying to say is that he would enjoy marrying Paige, but he'll just have to wait and see what happens.  Am I right, Ben?

     Ben (relaxing a bit):  I suppose that is an accurate description of the way I feel.

    Belle (giving him a compassionate smile):  Let's move on.  Here are some questions for us from "Natalie".  There are some really great ones here, but we'll have to think! ;)

1.  Belle, what do you feel has been the best part of blogging for you?  What will you miss the most?

     Belle:  I'd have to say that one of the best parts of blogging has been getting to "meet" all of you, my readers! ;)  Though we've never met face to face, you've shared in each event of my life for the past three years, whether a joy or a trial.  I think that's also what I'll miss the most...having that close connection with all of you.  I'll still respond to comments and I'll still be at least somewhat active on Facebook, but I know it won't be quite the same.  

     Okay, let's move on to Robby's question before I start crying! :}

2.  Robby, other than your engagement, marriage, and getting to have Emilie as a daughter, what is your most precious memory of your relationship with your wife?

     Robby:  Wow, that's a great question.  I'd have to go with the day I took her outside when she was having a hard time with...(glancing at Ben from the corner of his eye and adjusting his comment) well, just having a hard time.

     Even though she didn't think of me as anything but a friend at that time, I was completely smitten with her.  Spending such a special day with her was incredible.  There were a couple of times when she looked at me and I could hardly breathe.

     Belle:  Like when we fell off the lion statue?

     Robby (grinning):  Yes, that would be one of them.

     Belle:  It's funny.  Like you said, you were just a friend to me then, but there were a couple of times that day that I started questioning how you felt about "us", especially that moment after we fell.  It was awkward and weird...things are much nicer now.

     Robby:  I agree, especially after all you put me through.  (He winks.)

     Belle (scowling playfully):  If I were closer, I'd sock you.

     Robby (still grinning):  Good thing I'm over here, then.

     Belle:  Okay, on to the next one.  Rapunzel, this one's for you!

3.  Rapunzel, what is the funniest moment you've had with Belle over the years of your friendship?

     Rapunzel:  Aside from that time not too long ago when she fell off the dresser...

     Belle (blushing):  Um, do we really have to keep bringing that up?

     Rapunzel:  There was one time when we were visiting and Belle decided to try a red hot that Beast'sbelle had left lying around.  (Giggling)  I thought her head was going to explode!!

     Belle (holding her head in her hands):  Oh my goodness, that was something I was NOT going to share with my readers.

     Rapunzel:  You have to admit, though, it was pretty funny!

     Belle:  For you, maybe!  You weren't the one with the piece of fire in your mouth!!  

     Rapunzel:  Maybe we should move on.

     Belle:  An excellent idea.  Eugene, here's one for you.

4.  Eugene, when have Robby and Belle been the most helpful to you, friendship-wise?

     Eugene:  Hands down, when they came and watched the girls for us when we were having such a hard time sleeping.  Rapunzel and I were complete basket cases.  We had no clue what we were doing!  If it wasn't for those two giving us a little break, I don't know what we would have done.  Of course, they would have been even more helpful if they wouldn't have startled us awake with that alarm clock... (throwing a teasing grin at Belle)

     Belle (turning beet red):  I felt so terrible about that!!  There I was, trying to help, and I made things worse instead!

     Rapunzel:  You were a help, Belle.  Eugene's just teasing.  We know it was an accident.

     Belle (still embarrassed):  I think there's another question here...yep!  One for Emilie.

5.  Emilie, what are your favorite things about your Daddy and Mommy?

     Belle (in a stage whisper):  Your Mommy is amazing and beautiful!

     Emilie (giggling):  Mommy!

     Belle:  Just kidding, Honey.  You can give your own answers.

     Emilie:  Well, I like my Daddy because he plays with me.  He does the best Beast.  And he loves me and makes me yummy food sometimes.  And I like my Mommy because she's funny and pretty and she gives good hugs.

     Belle (melting):  Very nice answers, Sweetie.  Let's see, it looks like there's one more question from Natalie.  It's for you, Ben.

6.  Ben, what do you like best about Paige?  How would you describe her?

     Ben:  Physically or otherwise?

     Belle:  She didn't specify.  Maybe you could choose one of each.

     Ben (nodding seriously):  I admire Paige for her compassionate spirit.  Physically, I'm intoxicated by her beautiful eyes.  Sometimes I feel I could drown in their depths.

     Belle (breaking the awkward silence and giving Robby and Eugene scolding looks for the laughter they're trying to hold back):  And how would you describe her?

     Ben:  She is perfection.  She is beauty, and light, and goodness.  She is everything I wish to be...she completes me in every way.

     Belle (trying once again to lighten the mood):  It sounds like you've found a keeper!

     Ben (giving her a withering look):  I suppose I agree with you, even if the fact that you feel you must cheapen my feelings with such a flippant phrase is rather disheartening.

     Belle (wanting to disappear into a crack in the floor):  And on that note, we've once again run out of time for the evening.  I'm sorry we didn't get to all of the questions, everyone.  There are just so many of them!!  I will do everything in my power to get the next answer post much quicker than I did this last time. :}

Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for Part 3! :)   


Nina said...

I love these answer posts! They are so funny, and you learn so much about all of you guys!

Natalie said...

Neat!! I loved hearing my questions answered! Oh I guess I should have specified about Ben's question! Oops! :) Oh well, he answered it perfectly.
I'm going to miss you so much, Belle, when you leave blogging!! :(

Dollygirl said...

Thanks for answering my questions! :)

Skelita Calaveras said...

Cool!!! Good answers everyone!!! ;)

The dolls! said...

Merida: Rapunzel and Merida here, we just wanted to say,that was another amazing set of questions and answers. I don't think we would ever survive!

Rapunzel: It would mean consistent updating, organizing, writing and photographing-,

Merida: Enough Rapunzel. I'm very sure Belle understands the work it takes to write a decent blog post.

Rapunzel: Whoops. :} *blushes* Very sorry, good luck with the next post!

Merida and 'Punzie,

beastsbelle said...

Thank you so much, everyone! I'm glad you're enjoying the posts, even though it's taking me so long to get them published. :}


Anonymous said...

Dear Belle,
I'm so glad to hear that you'll be doing a Christmas post. Ever since Emilie dropped that bombshell about wanting a sister for Christmas I've been curious to at least see the list she was going to write of what she'd like her sister to be like. By the way, considering how much Emilie caught you and Robby off guard with that one I think you both handled the situation very well. I'll miss your blog Belle, but it's nice to know that I have a few more posts to look forward to.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Christmas was really fun, but I'm still trying to get things organized and together. I'll have my post up by next week at the latest!! :D