Thursday, September 26, 2013

Road Blocks and Frustrations

Ugh.  My grand schemes to sing to Robby have not been going so well, which is why you haven't heard much from me.  My plans require the exclusive use of Beast'sbelle's living room, and with all of the human comings and goings, it hasn't worked out the way I hoped.  The good news is, I had a chance to express my frustration to Beast'sbelle last night.  She promised to help me work things out once she gets back from her retreat this weekend.

More later...I've got to go for now.  I promise I haven't forgotten my "Elegant Blogger Award", either.  Sigh.  So behind... :(


Sunny_Harper1994 said...

Aww, it's okay Belle. I'm just happy to hear from you! I can't wait for you to sing to your hubby.

beastsbelle said...

Thanks for understanding, Sunny. I really need to get my act together. :}


Anonymous said...

Hey Belle!
What song are you thinking of singing?

From a HUGE fan,
Hannah ;)

beastsbelle said...

Hi Hannah! Great to hear from you. :)

I'm actually not going to tell. ;) There have been developments that I haven't been able to blog about yet, so I don't want to spoil the surprise. You will know the answer to that question soon, I promise. :)