Monday, October 28, 2013

A Blogoversary Celebration!! :D

Hello, my dearest readers!  Today is a very special day.  I can hardly believe that two years ago today I launched this blog, and that right around three years ago I started contributing to Tess and Maggie's blog.  The time has flown by so quickly, and so much has changed!

I have so much to share with all of you about what's been going on over the past few weeks, but I wanted to take the time to celebrate this special occasion. :)

To commemorate my accomplishment, Beast'sbelle insisted on a photo shoot (you know how she is). ;)  She gathered my friends and we all got together to take some pictures.  I hope you enjoy these shots of the faces you've come to know and love over the past few years. :)

Here we all are, gathered together for a group photo.  Of course, there are many missing from our midst who have moved on over the years: Tiana, Isabella, and more.  This is our core group now. :}

Rapunzel was very sweet and let me borrow her super fancy dress since it was such a special occasion.  I don't think she's actually worn it other than that one day.  It is pretty stiff and itchy, so I can't say that I blame her.  I couldn't wait to get it off after the pictures were done. ;)

Eugene and Rapunzel with their sweet little family.  Well...I guess their family's not so little, but you know what I mean. ;)  Rapunzel was getting pretty frazzled trying to keep four kids sitting still for pictures (any moms out there will be able to sympathize). ;)  Oh, and you'll notice that even Pascal made an appearance. :)

Here is Ben, the doll I thought I should be with for all my days.  Funny how things change. ;)  I really hate to show you these pictures when I'm not caught up on about major spoilers!!  As you can probably tell from the pics, though, Ben and Paige are quite serious, both in personality and in their relationship.  (Hee hee...I just couldn't resist!) ;)

They're so cute together!  I promise I'll give you the whole story soon!! ;)

Here I am with the two most important dolls in my life. ;) 

Eugene and Rapunzel got to pose for a nice couple picture, too.

Thomas agreed to keep an eye on his younger sisters while they did so.

He's such a good older brother! ;)

And of course, Rapunzel and I needed a picture together.  She's been such a dear friend to me throughout all of the crazy events of the past few years.  

I honestly don't know what I'd do without her friendship. :)

Beast'sbelle thought we should get a mother/daughter picture, too.  :)

The men of Belle's Bulletins. ;)

So, as most of you should know by now, Belle's Bulletins is drawing to a close.  I've already gone into my reasons in an earlier post, so I won't repeat them here.  The blog will continue for at least a couple more weeks (more on that in a moment).  While it will be strange to stop sharing everything important that happens here on the blog, I know I'm making the right choice.  It's time for me to move on and spend more time with my family and friends and less time stressing over blog posts. :}  I plan on continuing to update my Facebook page every once in a while, so you'll be able to check out what I'm up to over there.  And for those of you who have expressed concern over this, I will keep my blog open so that everyone can continue to read my past posts. :)

Now on to something fun. :)  Per one of my readers' suggestions, we are going to do something very special here at Belle's Bulletins to go out with a bang, so to speak. ;)  Two weeks from today, I will publish an interview post with questions from our readers.  Several of my friends have agreed to be part of a special Belle's Bulletins Panel.  You, my readers, can ask any (appropriate, of course) question of any of the dolls participating!  Here are the participants:

-Belle (me!) ;)

To ask a question, simply leave it in the comments below.  In two weeks, we'll put up the post with all of our answers. :)

If you happen to have a question for someone not included in the panel list, go ahead and leave it in the comments and tell us who the question is for.  I'll do my best to get an answer for you. ;)

I had originally planned to give a big, heartfelt thank you speech now, but I find I'm not quite ready.  I think I'll save it for my very last post instead. :}

I'll talk to you again soon, dearest readers.  I can't wait to see the questions you leave for us! :)

P.S.  I almost forgot!  Since I'm putting up a special blogoversary header, I wanted to include my old header here:


Anonymous said...

I have a few questions!
For Belle: Has Rapunzel heard you sing yet?
Rapunzel, how on earth do you keep that much hair looking pretty? Does Eugene help you?
Robby, what is your favorite thing about Belle? Did you have any friends from the Disney store before you came?
Oh, and congrats Ben for finding the doll that's right for you :) It's so nice to see you happy. Ben, did you ever realize that Belle liked you?

~LCecilia SR~ said...

Hi Belle, it's Leasly. I just wanted to keep you updated on Isabella. She is doing perfectly fine here with me. I think she would like to leave a message for you all.

Hello Belle,
I miss you all so very much. Life is...different here. Not horrible, no, but the weather can change so much. It's quite different from BeastBelle's home. I didn't stay here in North Carolina for the summer, but the beginning was quite cold in early May. Leasly had to go away to Tucson for the summer, but she let me stay in her home in California (from what she tells me, Tucson was VERY hot and not friendly to humans, much less to dolls). We are now back in North Carolina, and winter is just setting in. Oh, how the leaves change during the seasons!
I do hope you are all well. I heard of what happened with Rapunzel, and I am so glad she is doing much better. And, if you could, Belle, send my regards to Ben.
I hope to hear from you soon.

The Forgotten Angel said...

I'm so happy for you Ben! I'm glad you were able to find the right Girl(Doll) For you!.

Belle I am really going to miss your posts. I Love reading your stories though. So I am really glad that you will be keeping this blog up for people to read.

Rapunzel your family is so adorable, Have things gotten easier now that there is a routine?

Robby Have you and Belle thought about adding to your little family? Like a brother for Emilie or something?

beastsbelle said...

Wonderful questions, everyone! :) Keep them coming!

Isabella, it's so wonderful to hear from you!! I almost cried reading your message...we've missed you so much. I'm glad you are well and are settling in all right.

I'll be sure to pass your message along to Ben.

I hope we hear from you again soon! :) And thank you, Leasly, for letting Isabella leave us a message. :)


Nina said...

Here are some of my questions for you or Robbie:
How old is Emily?
Do you like the size of your house or do you want to go bigger?
After you stop posting, are you planning to delete your blog? Please don't!
And do you have any pets? Do you want to get any?

Thanks! I'll miss you Belle, but I know I'll like the interviews!

Heather said...

1. Rapunzel: Where do you find the time to keep track of the kids and keep looking great! Amazing!

2. Robby: Is it hard knowing that your love once loved another so strongly?

3. Belle: What will you do when you bring the blog to a close? Is it time to travel?

Dollygirl said...

Belle-How old are you? Which of the bigger (like 18 inch and stuff) dolls is your best friend?
Rapunzel-Do you ever get regretful that you adopted all of those kids? What's your favorite hair style?
Robby-What were your thoughts when Belle sang to you? How do you feel about Ben's new um...girlfriend?
Emilie-What is your favorite object in your room? What is your favorite toy?
Eugene-How do you feel about having 4 kids?
Ben-How did you meet Paige? Are you two going to get married? :)

Natalie said...

Belle, your new header made me sad/happy to look at as it shows many of your most important memories over the year, which is a happy thing, but sad since you're leaving. :(
I'm glad for you though-having such wonderful family and friends!
Okay, let's see here...

Belle- What do you feel has been the best part of blogging for you? What will you miss the most?

Robby- Other than your engagement, marriage, and getting to have Emilie as a daughter, what is your most precious memory of your relationship with your wife?

Rapunzel- What was the funniest moment you've had with Belle over the years of your friendship?

Eugene- When has Robby and Belle been the most help to you, friendship-wise?

Emilie- What's your favorite things about your Daddy and Mommy?

Ben- What do you like best about Paige? How would you describe her?

I'll miss you so much, Belle!

Anonymous said...

Belle, when are you going to do another play date for Emily?

Rapunzel, how do you deal with all of your children, I mean I'm sure you love them dearly but how?

Yours truly

Anonymous said...

To Everyone but Belle: Will you please continue the blog?!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot. Have you met Anna and Elsa yet, Belle? Plus, I love your hair, it looks so elegant :)

Ampy Moh said...

belated blogoversary!!!

I really adore you guys!!!you all look cute,
I have one question though...
rapunzel,where and why are you wearing a barbie rapunzel dress?!?

Anonymous said...

Hello Belle and company! A few questions from Hannah and the dolls:(we are going to miss you so much ;{ )

To Ben from Hannah: Have you ever thought of making a blog, Ben? I would LOVE to hear YOUR views on everything- you are so deep.

To Belle from Della and Erik: We love your blog Belle!! You're so cool!!

To Belle from Rita: Hi Belle. I am kind of a rejected Liv doll who... Well... Likes to do reviews on dolls. I know, it's a REALLY weird hobby for a DOLL, but it's what I like to do. ;) All the other dolls think I'm really weird. I want to make a blog, like you, though, and prove that I really do have a gift. How did you make your blog?
From Rita

To Belle from Della: Dear Belle, I am a 2010 Disney store Belle doll, just like you(my Mommy was inspired by you to get her very own 2010 Belle), and I am having a little bit of trouble finding my identity. Any tips? Your friend, Della :)

That's all! ;)
-Hannah and her dolls

Caitlin Dundas said...

Hi! I'm the person who suggested doing the panel! Yay!!!
To Belle, how would you feel if Ben and Paige got kids of their own?
Robby, same as above
Emilie, how would you feel about getting a brother or sister? How did you feel when you first moved in with belle and Robby? Do you like having a big room?
Eugene and rapunzel, How much sleep do you get at night? Have you thought of starting a blog? Would you like to get a house?
Ben, are you thinking of marrying Paige? If so will you get kids?

Anonymous said...

Hey Belle!

I forgot one question in the other comment I left!
It's for you Belle, or if you can't answer it maybe you can pass it on to Beast'sBelle.

Here it is:
I know that Beast'sBelle has LOADS of Jane Austen books, and was wondering if maybe she had the Barnes and Noble editions of some of them. My great aunt wrote the introductions for a few of the Barnes and Noble edition Jane Austen books!! I know she definitely wrote the introduction for "Persuasion", but I'm not sure what else. Would you mind checking for me if you get the time? Thanks Belle! :)

-Hannah ;)

Sunny_Harper1994 said...

*Begins to cry like my 4 month old son*
Oh Belle!!!!!! Please don't leave, you're special to my dolls and I. You've made me laugh so much and kept me on the edge of my chair a lot! Don't forget your readers.
Questions for you: Do you still feel like Beastsbelle will replace you one day?
What was it like when she first brought you home? Did you miss any friends from the Disney store?
For Robby: How has life been since your accident? What do you miss doing that your accident prevents now?
Beastsbelle: How does it feel now that Belle won't be blogging anymore?
btw I have responded to your email but I'm not sure if you received it.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm a Disney Store Jasmine doll,and I have some questions! :)

For Rapunzel: How do you manage all that hair? Would you recommend having children?
For Belle: Has anyone other than Robby heard you sing?


beastsbelle said...

Aww, sorry to disappoint you, Sunny. :} I hope you'll at least enjoy the last couple weeks here and our big answers post.

Oh, Beast'sbelle wanted me to let you know that she did get your email and she'll respond as soon as she can. She's gotten really behind on her email responses. :}


honeysucklejasmine said...

Aww... I may not have a blogger account but I've been a follower of your blog since the beginning... I remember when you were crazy in love with Ben... and Robby was only your bestie... so much has happened since then! *sniff...

So, without further ado, here are my questions! :-) Hope you like them.

1.- Belle: this is something I've been curious to ask you since the beginning... what do you think of the other Belle dolls the DS has released? Would you consider you're the prettiest of them all?

2.- Rapunzel: Another question I've been wanting to ask... How do you manage your hair!!!! Please do tell! Does it tend to get tangled a lot? (Pardon the pun)

3.- All of you guys: What do you think of the actual characters you were inspired from? For example, what do you Belle, think of Belle from the movie?

I think that's all... I hope you get to answer them!

Ava Rose Milberger said...

To Belle and co.,

Have you met Anna and Elsa and all those peeps?

I just have this weird thing where I want to know if you have met new dolls when Beastsbelle gets them. I have a PROBLEM.

Anonymous said...

This is a nonsensical question followed by a real one.
I just thought you might get a laugh today.

On a scale from one to ten, what's your favorite color in the alphabet?

And the real one:

To Emilie: Do you get to hang out with Sara and her sister a lot? If so, do you have a lot of fun?

Anonymous said...


When do u think the next post will be up?


beastsbelle said...

Oh dear, it was supposed to be this weekend, but somehow that just didn't work out. I will have a post up by the end of the week...I promise! :}


Anonymous said...

Hello Belle! Wow, although we've only known you for a short time (at least in comparison to your blog's age--four months is still a while, I guess), we here have fallen in love with your blog. I'm even hoping to start one of my own soon!

I know that the time for asking questions is pretty much over, but if you could take the time to answer a few, that would be great!

Belle--whenever a new doll arrives in the house, do you ever feel overshadowed? If so, how do you cope? Our human friend here often tries to give as much love as she can to newer dolls, and so it can be a little hard.

Rapunzel--it must be tough trying to keep up with four kids, how do you manage?
Also, what is your favorite hairstyle? I'm also a Rapunzel doll, and would love to have some new hairstyles to try out!

Emilie--are you still surprised that your parents are technically THE main characters from Beauty and the Beast?

Belle, make sure to keep us all updated! We'll be looking out for that next post (more carefully than we did this one, considering we're posting so late!).

~Punzie (and her human friend)

Anonymous said...

TO BELLE'S DAUGHTER: will you continue the blog? for me?
Rapunzle: YOUR FAMILY IS ALMOST JUST LIKE MINE! except, the boy is the second youngest.
BELLE: As I said, I am very disappointed.
- Anonymous A.

Anonymous said...

My questions:
Belle: How old are you? Do you want more kids?
Emilie: ( This is actually my doll that is your age named Blythe): Will you ever have a blog? Will you continue this one?
Robby: Are you ever curious why you have painted on hair and Belle has real hair?
Rapunzel: Is it scary, having your body removed and swapped?
Flynn: Can your clothes come off?
Beastsbelle: is Belle your favorite doll?
- Anonymous A. And Blythe the doll.

Amber Spaulding said...

So belle, you are still going to keep us updated on your facebook page right? I love looking into your life and seeing pictures of what you are up to, how your looking etc :) id miss not being to see new stuff from you.

beastsbelle said...

Yes, that's the plan! :) I don't know how regularly I'll be on there, but I will keep you updated on all the important stuff. :)