Friday, November 22, 2013

Delayed Plans

Hello everyone.  Once again, my plans of posting more regularly and wrapping things up have been thwarted.  While my own recovery has gone well, Beast'sbelle's entire family have been hit with horrible colds off and on throughout the month, making it next to impossible to get to the computer to type my posts.

While originally I had planned on doing my answer post this Friday, these difficulties have made me decide to postpone my answer post until next Friday, the 29th.  In the meantime, I'll plug away at my catch up posts as I have the time.

The good news, this gives all of you a little extra time to ask any questions you may still have.  I've gotten a lot of great questions from you already, and I can't wait to hear what all my friends and family have to say in response. :)

For those of you who missed out on the original post, click HERE to see what I'm talking about. ;)

I should be back soon with more updates.  Coming up next...hear about the night I first met Paige! :)

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